• Gonzalo Munoz

Yesterday and Tomorrow

I have caught myself with a recent thought. Something I am sure other people have thought of but many of not yet contemplated. Today the year is 2020 and we are gifted with amazing advances in technology that allow humanity to do amazing things. We have libraries in tiny squares called cellphones where we are able to communicate with the world. Giant metal birds allow us to roam the earth in a fraction of the time it was required centuries ago, health has never been better. This is without mentioning some aspects of our daily lives that are as amazing to still be around like slavery, illiteracy, and diseases that should have been eradicated years ago. But many times we think of our ancestors, say, in the middle ages, men on horseback, books were still not a major thing, we are mesmerized by their ignorance and inability to do some of the things we can easily do today. What will our successors think of us, what will be so silly to them of the nature of our daily lives? Knights had swords, today we have nuclear weapons, Priests had books, today we have phones and databases, Kings had armies, today we have cybersecurity. We think of these people as ignorant and pity them for their inability to have the things we have today. Our successors, what will they think of us. Will they think of cell phones as obsolete items, if so why? What will replace the iPhone. Will the miracle of planes be seen like we see the horse-drawn carriage? Will our thoughts on science space, time, and biology equal that of alchemy, pagans, and literacy. I am curious to know the unknowable, how will the future think of us, what technologies won’t I get to see. What ancient routines do we follow today will be thought of like the nuclear family and the stay at home wife. We would-be wizards to our ancestors with our tech today. What will our successors have that makes them seem like gods.

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