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What will Endgame deliver (thoughts before watching the movie)

Going into this final installment in what will be known as the ‘infinity saga’, there is no doubt in my mind that I want to go into this film for a spectacular ride. The expectations are higher than ever, but I am setting them low. I do expect the Russo’s to deliver a stunning performance of CGI, phenomenal acting and directing, and incredible scenes that will be talked int he future about the same way Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the godfather (just to name a few) are spoken about today. But what those films have in common is that they all have final installments to their saga’s that was, underwhelming to say the least. Return of the Jedi is often considered the weakest of the original trilogy; The Godfather Part III was a crap show, Spider-man 3, X-men 3, Shrek-3 all sucked. But through this 22-movie journey, I have noticed the films getting progressively better, not just CGI or effects, but storytelling, cinematography, acting; all these aspects of a great film have gotten incredibly better as the movies progress. For example, Thor Ragnarök is way better than the dark world. Infinity War, in my opinion, was way better than The Avengers; Black Panther was indeed much better than Iron man. The list goes on and my point is that unlike Star Wars, the Godfather, the X-men film series, or the Spider-man Sam Rami film series, Shrek I, II, and III, etc. I believe that Marvel will have a better conclusion of any film series ever. I hope they surpass my expectations, and this ends up being one of the best films of all time. History tells us that it won’t be as good as that, but Marvels history tells us it will be better than its preceding films. Most likely, the film will be a combination of the two. For some reason, the beginning/middle of a series of films tends to be better than the saga's conclusion. This is probably because the middle of a films saga tends to leave us with a darker more realistic interpretation of a story. Films like the Dark Knight where the villain wins despite being detained, or the Empire Strikes back where the hero is left limbless, friendless, and realizes that who he thought was the pinnacle of evil is who he admired the most (his father), are films that changed cinema and because of their darker tone are admired and regarded as phenomenal stories. My expectation for this film is that it will not to be as good as Infinity war, but I think it will come close. If anything, I believe this film will be the best conclusion of all time.

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