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Thoughts: Greatness

We live in an age of greatness. An age where everyone is admired and wants to be admired. An era where all accomplishments are revered. This phenomenon… has diluted the meaning of greatness. Our social media, our internet, our technology has made us all feel great about mediocrity. We often look for those “likes”, and views, and comments at the bottom of a post we created. This instantaneous feedback makes us feel good. Who wouldn’t like a little dopamine every single now and then?! We like seeing other people approve us for what is literally a second; admire and hold our stupid achievements in high regard; Only to be forgotten moments later

Socrates, Plato, Mozart, Newton, Einstein, Jefferson, Tesla, Edison, and Julius! These minds, who did not have the luxury of having their ideas and innovations showcased on the worlds stage seconds after their dea came to be, are those ideas that should be revered, admired, and praised! Our own ignorance is our downfall. Our desire for greatness makes us idiots. We all have succumb to this stupidity, and to truly admire and revere greatness, we must accept our own flaws and desires of acceptance so that those ideas, those innovations that truly deserve it, rise above all.

Our ego will never allow this.

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