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Thoughts after Avengers End game (Spoilers)

I just got finished watching Avengers: End game, Spoilers, be warned! I loved this movie! Most of the predictions I had or heard of came to be, surprisingly enough. Professor hulk, Captain had his happy ending, tears…. The snap was reversed, and we lost the man who started it all, Tony Stark. There are a few lingering questions I still have regarding the film. What happened to Loki after he took the Teseract? Is everyone who did not get snapped 5 years older? and if so are the people returning from the snap 5 years gone? This particularly confused me since the Spiderman Far From Home trailer had some of his friends with Peter as he toured Europe. Which means, for peter parker and those who returned, people who were not snapped are suddenly having to deal with the return of loved ones 5 years in the making. A difficult reality to endure.

I loved this movie, it met and exceeded my expectations. My current thought on the film is that it is the best conclusion of all time. The attention to detail, and film making genius the Russo Brothers provided the viewer is astonishing. I recalled a scene from Civil War where Peggy Carter mentions she has a husband, then Captain see’s picture’s of her family implying that she married another man. This was Steve Rogers family the whole time! Its amazing how these things were thought of so far in advance.

I enjoyed seeing Tony embrace Peter as he returned from dust, giving him a full hug on purpose. This is another example of Russo Genius. The scene came full circle with the scene in Homecoming where Tony opens the car door for Peter and Peter thinks it’s a hug, only for Tony to awkwardly mention he is only opening the door for Peter. Now Tony, missing his young surrogate son, embraces Peter intentionally! Tony’s death was not as emotional as I thought. His funeral on the other hand was. His death was something that seemed necessary, and something he wanted. Another detail, the teenager you see on the right side of the screen as we see all of the people who attend his funeral, that’s the young boy from Iron man 3 (Ty Simpkins)! Again the Russo’s are film making artists, you guys are amazing.

The movie is phenomenal and I will be talking about it and watching it again several times in the foreseeable future. Thank you Kevin Feige, Russo brothers, Robert Downey, and Chris Evens, to name a few, for a unbelievable saga. The kid and me is beyond happy.

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