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Shazam reviewed! (In 200 words or less)

Unlike many kids, I was a Shazam (Captain Marvel) fan as a kid . I was wary about the movie since DC has had dubious films (ehem, Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman). However, I ultimately decided to see the film and was it was pleasurable time. Shazam does not change the game, but itdoes take on an interesting perspective of the super hero film genre. We see the world of DC via the eyes of the everyday people, the comic book nerds, the people who don't care, commuters, etc. Often, we see super hero films from the perspective of the caped wonder running around saving the day. Billy Batson is a relate able character and is the type of kid we all once were. He doesn't care, has his own worries and discomforts and because of this he is like able. My favorite scene in the film was him figuring out his powers with his foster brother, it was funny, and not forced like the Justice League film. If you’re a comic book film fan, I highly recommend this film, DC got it right this time.

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