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Disney Land Vs World in 200 words or less!

I recently visited Disney Land and wanted to compare the two parks/resorts. First, Disneyland is smaller, that’s not necessarily bad, its higher quality in my opinion. Rides like Pirates and Big thunder rail surpass the Orlando Versions. Because its smaller, its easier to get around, however, as a resort, Disney World is superior, as there are 4 theme parks in the Resort and 34 resorts/hotels. I am not a big fan of the slow rides, I believe they can be improved with current technologies. Disney California Adventure (DCA) is something else. Guardian’s of the Galaxy is a phenomenal ride at DCA, Incredicoaster is incredible! But Disney World has Mt. Everest, Aerosmith, and Pandora. If you want a limited 2-3 day vacation, go to Disney Land! But you should come back, there are other events throughout the year worth visiting. Warning, it is always packed! Wait times are long, I highly recommend you get Fast pass + for $10 a person, it’s worth it! But if you have a week check out Disney world! There are more rides and shows throughout 4 parks at Disney World. Plus, its less packed during non-busy season.

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