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Curtain call, Club de Cuervos Season 4 review

At last the end of the hit Netflix series Club de Cuervos has come. For those of us who began since Season 1 and watched the two spin off shows La Ballada de Hugo Sanchez and Yo, Potro, we are finally at the end of this series that has made us cringe, laugh, get angry, and given us so much emotion. Here is my review for the 4th Season of Club de Cuervos SPOILER ALERT!

Like most people viewing a series online, I binged. The series starts where the 3rd season ended, the quarter finals match against Leon. The episodes themselves are much darker in tone and the humor is as well. Mary Luz makes her return after leaving during Season 2. Although I did enjoy the series, there were some aspects of the show that as an avid soccer/football fan I could not wrap my mind around. Many of these aspects are more technical, for example, the comentators would say that there are penalties after the tie, but the in another instance would ignore this fact. There is not way Mexican professional soccer players have other professions like garbage man. The final was played with two mexican teams wearing predominately white jerseys. Other aspects throughout the series I really enjoyed like the curroption of the Mexican league favoring more popular teams, the lack of mexican soccer players in the league, the world cup (in this season). However, other events like Mary Luz's return and Aitor Cardone's return were a bit far fetched, given the events they previously went through in other seasons.

As a Comedy/Drama the series works well, I often forget this is not a series you want to watch with young children or your parents as sexuality and other cringible moments are often explored. I believe the series worked at its finest as a Drama, I would frequently find myself cheering or going against certain characters. I did however notice that I felt that we were cheering for the bad guys as the reporter who Chava (Salvador Iglesias Jr.) abducts states how awful the family and Chava are and how they often get away with stupidity.

The Series Finale is somewhat what I expected except for the death, even though the death is hinted at throughout the season. The championship along with the happy ending for all the characters is a feel good moment that leaves you with satisfaction of putting your time into the series.

Club de Cuervos Season 4 is a good series and if you have watched the previous 3 seasons. I recommend you watch so you can see the conclusion to this story. Although there are technical aspects story wise as well as in the realm of realism that are questionable, the series works well and if you go in expecting a exagerated version of professional Mexican Soccer drama you will have a good time. I give Season 4 of Club de Cuervos a 7.4 out of 10.

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